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Why Can’t You?

Why Can’t You?

My husband, my two littlest kids and I recently visited @Thehouseontherockattraction in Southwest Wisconsin.

In 1940, a man named Alex Jordan started building this dream house of his literally on top of boulders, a “chimney of rock.” Every boulder, every timber was hand-cut by him, carried up the rock and nailed together.

The painstaking detail of the gorgeouse hand-carved doors and wall panels, along with the stained glass windows and views of the valley, take your breath away.

He actively built the house and exhibits for years and years. If you’ve been there you know what a marvel that is.

What struck me is how dedicated he was to this refuge he painstakingly built. I can only image the blood, sweat, and tears he experienced. I’m sure there were many times he wanted to give up – body hurting and exhausted – but he didn’t.

I know my vision wanes and I’m not sure if the extra work to reach my dreams is worth it. But tonight I’m taking a lesson from Mr. Jordan and will just keep moving forward, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears it takes. He did it, why can’t I? Why can’t you?

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