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Finding Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating

Finding Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating

Just a few months ago, I did not understand what intuitive eating really was. I thought it meant I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. In a sense, that’s right. But it’s different than what I thought. Let me explain.

I used to think that if I didn’t control what and how much I ate, I would gorge on junk food forever and end up morbidly obese. If you eat intuitively, that won’t happen.

Intuitive eating is based on a deep and loving relationship with your whole self. Intuitive eating means trusting your body to crave the food it needs and wants to feel it’s best. And just going with it.

It takes work though. After much reflection and self-awareness, I know what my body likes and doesn’t like. .
One key to eating intuitively is to pause before you eat to make sure you REALLY want the food and it will make you feel good.

I know that an Oreo is going to taste great but I also know it will make my stomach hurt, which isn’t good for my body. But sometimes I really just want the Oreo and that’s okay too. Beating myself up about eating an Oreo is worse than eating the darn thing!

I know Intuitive eating is a bit confusing especially when we’re inundated with diet culture and “quick fixes.” It’s easy to fall into that trap. They don’t work long term! What does work is eating food that makes you and your body happy. It will take time.

If you want more info about this topic, I highly recommend checking out @jessiemgolden. She helped me find my food freedom. ❤

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