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The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

I’m not one of those lucky women who gives birth and walks out of the hospital in her pre-pregnancy clothes. And in 2013, after having two babies within 17 months, my weight was at an all time high. I was desperate to shed the pounds as fast as possible so that meant restrictive eating and exercising as soon as I could. My quest to “get my body back” continued for months that led into years. In addition to restricting my food and over-exercising, work stress was higher than normal and my hormones were severely out of balance.
That’s when the panic attacks started again. In addition to constantly fighting panic attacks while flying on airplanes, I also struggled riding as a passenger in cars and in elevators. Rather than figuring out my problem which seems to manifest in claustrophia and focusing on self-care, I ignored the increasing anxiety. Like many people do, I let the anxiety control my life by doing everything possible to avoid situations where I might feel claustrophic like always driving the car rather than be the passenger and taking the stairs or escalator to avoid riding the elevator.
A Safe, Simple and Very Effective Tool Everyone Should Do РMindful Meditation  
If you struggle with anxiety, or if you simply want to preserve your mental health, try adopting a mindful meditation practice. According to this article, 7 Benefits of Meditation Backed By Science, meditation can:

  • Increase brain grey matters, which helps you process information
  • Help you experience less physical pain
  • Improve how you handle difficult emotions
  • Enhance your focus and attention

Meditation is very simple and you only need to do it for five minutes a day to see benefits. Simply sit comfortably somewhere quiet with little distraction and take notice of those things around you without over-thinking. Your mind will wander and that’s okay. When you notice your mind wandering, bring it back to focus on the moment. It is also very effective to practice mindful meditation while you’re experiencing anxiety and/or a panic attack. The more you practice, the more effective it will be in the moment
You can make your meditation practice what you want it to be: add candles, prayer, and/or essential oils if you like.  Check out this article for more helpful hints to practice mindful meditation.
Have a peace-filled week!

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