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Taming My Dragons

Taming My Dragons

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed my last post about Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies. Scroll down to read it and comment what tendency you are. 🙂  I am happy to report that despite my rebel tendencies, my Whole30 is going surprisingly well. I’m on day 10 and continue to be 100% compliant. A few of the changes I’ve noticed are: good sleep and improved overall energy. These alone have made the Whole30 worth it as I’ve struggled for years with insomnia and fatigue.
Don’t let me fool you though … Last week was not easy. Even more so than the first week, my dragons were loud and relentless! Dragons are your brain simply seeking immediate gratification. You may have a dragon in your midst if you work yourself up about it and depend on it, only to not feel so good about yourself once you’ve indulged. Taming your your dragons are essential to being successful on the Whole30.
Meet my two major dragons from last week:

  1. Pizza & Wine Dragon: This guy reared his ugly head more than once last week. He likes to appear after a stressful day at work and usually appears in the form of urgent text messages to my husband around 4pm: “Get wine and order the pizza to have ready when I get home. It’s been a day!”
  2. Smoothie King Lean 1 Chocolate Protein Smoothie Dragon: Yes, there are many things worse than a protein smoothie. But I tell you I have an addiction to this delicious concoction that tastes just like brownie batter. And then when you add peanut butter? Absolute Heaven. I could drink one (or two) every dang day. Unfortunately, they are expensive, $6-$10 depending on the size. There are two Smoothie Kings near my work so it’s so easy and convenient to stop in and grab one for my breakfast. I’ve been fighting this dragon for awhile but sorely losing to him until I started my Whole30. One of my goals for doing the Whole30 is to break my smoothie addiction.

Dragons don’t always come in the form of food. You could have an online shopping dragon (ahem) and/or a scale dragon. By the way, succumbing to the scale dragon is frowned upon during the Whole30. For many people, stepping on the scale can cause a downward spiral if it’s not showing you want to see. It can be especially risky during the Whole30 as you begin to feel better and thinner as the days go by. For a variety of reasons, the scale may not reflect all your hard work and could lead you to stop doing what you’re doing when you may be losing inches.
Tactics to tame your dragons (on or off the Whole30)   

  1. Address your dragon directly. Tell him you hear him and know he’s there tempting you. Tell him you aren’t going to succumb to his intentions. Tell him it won’t be worth it.
  2. Distract yourself. Do something else besides sitting around thinking about the dragon. Read a book, take a walk, write in your journal. While you’re distracting yourself, think about how you will feel if you succumb to the dragon and how you will feel when you don’t.
  3. Starve the dragon. If you’re craving something sweet, don’t eat something sweet even if it’s “healthy.” Your brain won’t know the difference between the Snickers bar and a banana, and you will just feed the dragon more. Sure, a banana is a lot more healthy than a Snickers bar. But it you are trying to tame your sugar dragon, you have to starve it completely of sugar to get it under control.

What are your dragons? Comment below.
Want to know more about taming your dragons and the science behind it? Check out
Have a great week! xoxo

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