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About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Kate, I want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
By day, I am an organizational change management practitioner with 20 years of experience, who understands how to help people make life changes that stick.

By night, I help women – like you! – make changes that stick through mindset shifts, nutrition and exercise.

I have been a life-long lover of exercise. At 14, I was dancing around my family’s living room, working out to videos nearly everyday! And that passion for exercise has continued ever since. I have been into running half marathons, ballet, Les Mills programs, yoga, Barre and Pilates, just to name a few as I’ve tried it all. (Except for Cross Fit, that has never appealed to me.) Being a busy working mom, it’s crucial to have the convenience of working out at home.

In 2009, a friend of mine introduced me to the legendary P90x Beachbody workout program. Being someone who loved a good home workout video, I was hooked right away! I completed P90X in 90 days and saw amazing results not only in my muscle definition but my overall fitness. I was already in pretty good shape as I had been working out regularly at my local gym prior to starting P90X. But this was the first time I focused on the food I was eating. I was no longer eating to satisfy my emotions but instead I was eating food to fuel my workouts.

Fast forward a couple years … between getting remarried, having two babies within 17 months and an extremely stressful job, I was a mess. I was dealing with extremely imbalanced hormones, insomnia, weight gain, and severe anxiety. It felt like my body was failing me and I didn’t know why. It was terrifying! Nothing I had done before worked.

So, I took some time to work on myself, and put into place tactics that help me deal with stress more effectively. I also took a year off exercising except for light yoga and walking. By the time I was feeling better emotionally, I gained 20 pounds of weight and I didn’t recognize myself. While I know my body gained the weight to protect me from the stress, I wasn’t feeling or looking my best physically.

One of the biggest things I learned in that time was that exercise is crucial to my well-being – physical and mental. Today, I continue on my journey to feel mentally and physically my best, and Beachbody is a huge part of that plan because:

 There are hundreds of Beachbody workout programs for any level of fitness available on their online site. Yearly membership is only $100. That’s not even $10 a month!!!

I am in love with their nutrition programs, such as 2B Mindset which is NOT your typical calorie restriction diet plan. It merely focuses on eating more veggies and drinking more water, while making the best food decisions for your body in a mindful way. You can eat Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, whatever and still have a 2B Mindset.

It provides a way to connect to other women in an amazingly supportive community that keeps me accountable to my goals.

No matter what, please don’t ever give up on yourself. Whether you think you are too young, too old, too thin, too over-weight, too busy, don’t have money to invest in yourself, whatever… you are what you think. You can either have a mindset where you make excuses and then never achieve your goals or you can have an abundance mindset where you know you can achieve everything you hope and dream.

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