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What’s  Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Earlier today I was listening to @melissa_hartwig and @fit2fat2fit talk about their #divorces and dealing with #feelingsofshame on Melissa’s “Do the Thing” podcast. It got me thinking.

It all comes down to what story you decide to tell about yourself. And that story carries a lot of weight on every aspect of your life.

If it’s a negative story filled with shame, then you’re most likely limiting yourself and your dreams. You won’t believe you’re worth it.

That story could be “I’ve been divorced so I’m ‘damaged goods'” or “I’ve never been married so I’m not able to maintain a long-term relationship.” I bet you’ve made up a negative story about yourself that’s more critical than you deserve.

The truth is: EVERYONE makes mistakes but we don’t need to pay for it forever. It’s up to you to decide if you will make your story positive. I would also bet you’ve done some amazing things that can become your story.

I challenge you to think about what stories you tell about yourself that might be holding you back. Turn them into a positive story!



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