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The Weight Struggle is Real

The Weight Struggle is Real

Hi, I’m Kate and I’ve struggled with my weight my entire adult life. In the last two years, it’s become my biggest struggle. I’m sick of the extra weight that sits uncomfortably on my body. I’m sick of yo-yo dieting and the binging and restricting that only leads to more weight gain. I’m sick of saying I’m sick of the extra weight.

I’ve done the work and know what foods make me feel my best. I’m doing the work on my mindset to listen to my body: feed it when it’s hungry and enjoy the experience of eating at restaurants and focusing on my relationships rather than stuffing my face with food that only tastes good in the moment.

Because it’s always about more than the food.

I know my triggers (here’s looking at you, #margaritas). I also know what motivates me.
I’ve got the tools I need to change.

I’m determined to make permanent, sustainable changes that get me to my goal And I’m doing it using a personal change method I’ve developed.

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