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3 Mindset Hacks to Change Your Life

3 Mindset Hacks to Change Your Life

Do you believe having a positive and abundant mindset can change your life? Do you focus enough on your mindset when you set out to make a change? The fact is, working on your mindset is the #1 thing you can do to make a change stick for the long-term. Otherwise, it’ll be another futile attempt to eat healthy, exercise regularly or do whatever you are trying to do to improve your life. It’s nearly impossible to make a successful change without the right mindset.

I’m not talking about the fleeting excited feeling when you sign up for a new fitness challenge because it’s new and you just know you’re going to have amazing results in 21 days! (sarcasm, obvs) That’s awesome to feel a burst of excitement when you’re trying to change. But in reality, it won’t sustain you long enough to make it last. You’ll start the new challenge and then that first weekend hits and you want to sleep in and skip your workout. Where’s your excitement now? It wasn’t enough.

I’m talking about sitting down and working through your thoughts and feelings around the change you’re trying to make before you delve into that new program.

1) Journal Daily (or more). Writing down your feelings on a daily basis can help solidify the change in your mind. Write about what it is you're doing to make a change and why it's important to you. Write about what benefits you'll see as you're making the change and after. Write whatever is on your mind about the change. The more you write about it, the better.

2) Meditate. Similar to journaling, meditating and/or praying about the change you're making has a similar impact on solidifying the change in your mind. I love @InsightTimer meditation app because you can choose different topics for guided meditations, such as "confidence" or "manifestation." Or you can do a general unguided meditation. 

3) Repeat and be patient. Change can be hard. Many people  have a hard time changing. Working on your mindset is going to take time. Journaling and meditating once may not do much. But doing it daily for weeks, months and years will be very helpful in making lasting changes.

What are your go-to techniques for creating a positive mindset?

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