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Whole30 Part 2: What’s In It For You

Whole30 Part 2: What’s In It For You

Do you want to sleep better and be in a better mood? How about get rid of that nagging indigestion you’ve had for years? Maybe even clear up your skin? If you answered “yes,” you might want to consider doing a Whole30!

In my last blog post, I told you WHAT the Whole30 is but today, we’ll talk about WHY the Whole30 has been a life-changing experience for thousands of people since 2009. In the Whole30 books, you’ll find many, many non-scale victories (NSVs) resulting from completing the program, but I thought I’d share some I’ve personally experienced during the three rounds I’ve completed since January 2017.

  • Improved mood – If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve had bad bouts of anxiety and panic attacks for the last few years. If you’ve never experienced this yourself, anxiety tends to put you in a bad mood. When I start a Whole30, I almost immediately start feeling better. You could chaulk this up to me feeling good about eating food I need to be eating to feel my best. But I know from completing other Whole30s, sugar is not my friend and negatively affects my mood.
  • Better digestion – A successful Whole30 includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and water. This means not only is your body getting nutrients to function well but you’ll also be improving your digestion, whether that’s indigestion, gas and bloating, constipation, or irritable bowels. I’ve had chronic heartburn for 22 years but no longer take medication for it now that I know why I get it. As long as I stay away from gluten and sugar (foods not allowed on Whole30), I don’t have indigestion. This still blows my mind and makes me sick I took acid reducing medication (that are terrible for gut health) for nearly 20 years when I all I needed to do was change my diet. Hindsight…
  • Better sleep – When there isn’t sugar or alcohol pulsing through your veins and your digestion isn’t rumbling, it’s amazing how great you can sleep!
  • Weightloss – Okay, okay so this is definitively NOT an NSV but I would be remiss to not include it. Remember, the Whole30 is not a weightloss program. Saying that, many people – including myself – have experienced weight loss during their Whole30. What may be surprising is weightloss happens during the program without counting macros or restricting calories. For two of my previous Whole30s, I lost 7-10 pounds. For my most recent round, I didn’t weight myself as I’ve since stopped weighing myself. However, my clothes are feeling a lot looser.On Whole30, you only eat real, nutrient-dense food and healthy fat which tends to keep you full longer. Many times that equals eating less. But you are also not eating the common inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and legumes which can cause fat gain (i.e., inflammation) in your body. Not to mention, being in a good mood, sleeping better and having good digestion can positively impact your weight.

Are You Ready to Jump in?
If so, I have a special offer for you. I’m working on my Whole30 coaching certification and am hosting a free Whole30 online coaching opportunity. Our October Whole30 starts Monday, October 1 and runs through November 10, which includes the 10-day fast track food reintroduction period. This is a $145 value for free! My goal is to make it fun and interactive while giving each participant the one-on-one support if needed.

That’s not all! If you refer a friend to my group and they complete the full Whole30 – even if you don’t join yourself – you will receive a gift from me.

Click here to join, refer a friend or have a question.

What’s holding you back?!?

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P.S. I am not a medical professional. All information on the website is based on my own personal experience and research.

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