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The SAD Truth

The SAD Truth

What I’m Loving Now!

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What’s SAD?

Okay, let’s get started on our blog journey looking at the optimal diet for brain health by talking about the WORST diet for your mental health: the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The Standard American Diet is commonly known to consist largely of processed foods that include chemical additives, a lot of fried foods cooked in unstable oils, refined sugar in soft drinks and baked goods, and fast food. The Standard American Diet is severely lacking in fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and good protein sources. SAD is basically the stereotypical diet eaten by millions of Americans which has caused the most prosperous country in the world to experience a serious health crisis spanning over the last 30+ years. Americans are facing an increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. (1)

I find this information from Forks Over Knives fascinating. According to their site (2):

  • 63% of America’s calories come from refined and processed food (e.g., soft drinks, packaged snacks like potato chips, packaged desserts, etc.).
  • 25% of America’s calories come from animal-based foods.
  • 12% of America’s calories come from plant-based foods (and much of that is french fries!).

Let’s talk a moment about one component of SAD and its effect on the brain: refined (“white”) sugar. Some research shows white sugar is extremely addictive (similar to hard drugs like cocaine) and can have a negative lasting effect on the brain. (3) Over the last nearly 200 years, our consumption of sugar has increased exponentially. Its sources have also changed. In the 1950s, added sugar came from cane or beet sugar. However, the early 2000s saw a rise in high-fructose corn syrup. At first the public thought this was healthy because corn is healthy, right? It took some time for consumers to finally realize corn syrup was not doing them any favors. But now people’s taste buds are so used to very sweet food, some type of sugar is added to most processed food. (1) Reading the nutritional labels on the food you buy is always a good idea. You might be surprised! Better yet, buy food that doesn’t contain nutrition labels.

There are so many reasons a large percentage of Americans are struggling with their health: old faulty research showing that healthy fat is bad for us and will make us fat, the convenience and low cost of processed foods in a culture that promotes business, lack of education by both physicians and the general public about nutrition, conflicting nutritional information in the media, who knows. What’s important is we try to fuel our minds and bodies with the most wholesome food possible.

The verdict: I think it goes without saying the SAD diet is horrible for mental health. As we discussed in my last blog post, the brain needs wholesome foods containing healthy macro and micronutrient sources to function at its best. Definitely a thumbs down for SAD.

Remember, i am not a medical professional. Any information on my blog is based on research I’ve done and/or my personal experiences.




(1) Dr. Axe: “9 Charts That Show Why America is Fat, Sick & Tired”

(2) Forks Over Knives: “The Standard American Diet is Even Sadder than We Thought”

(3) “Can Sugar Be More Addictive Than Drugs?”


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