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Bring on that Tiger Blood

Bring on that Tiger Blood

When doing a Whole30, you hear a lot about something called “Tiger Blood.” Remember Charlie Sheen in his Esqure magazine interview from several years ago? Whole30 co-founder, Melissa Hartwig, referenced that term during her first run of the program many years ago and it stuck. Tiger Blood is that beautiful feeling many participants experience during their Whole30s on days 17-26, where you start feeling darn amazing: energetic, motivated, happy AND you’ve hit the downward slope of the program. You’re feeling confident YOU’VE GOT THIS and you’re simply awesome. The people to experience the Tiger Blood feeling are usually those who ate pretty healthy and exercised before the program. It’s not that people who are changing their Standard American Diet (SAD) via Whole30 won’t feel this way, but Tiger Blood could come later in the program for them as their bodies have a lot of healing to do. There are some who never feel the Tiger Blood.
Additional factors that can impact the onset of Tiger Blood includes not eating enough, stress, lack of sleep, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and meal time habits. After all, life does get in the way occasionally.
Where are you, Tiger Blood?
Today is day 17 of my Whole30. I’ve stayed 100% compliant the entire time and started the program eating somewhat healthy so I’m itching to feel that Tiger Blood. I would love to feel motivated and energetic again. Saying that, I started noticing a bit of Tiger Blood around days 7-10: I made dinner on a Friday night. I can’t remember the last time I had energy to cook after a long week at work. I even went to the grocery store on a Saturday evening after a long busy day when I’d normally be entirely too tired and unmotivated to get my groceries. I also started an intense workout program. After years of working out religiously, I’ve not had any motivation to work out beyond gentle yoga and walking.
But life got in the way last week. I was dealing with work stress which led to four nights of insomnia and sparked intense cravings, anxiety, feeling unmotivated, and fatigue. At my peak of insomnia, I was REALLY discouraged and wanted to quit my Whole30. Bring on my Pizza and Wine Dragon. I did work through it and made sleep and eating compliantly my only goals last week.
The good news is I think this latest bout of insomnia is over, and I’m starting to feel a twinge of Tiger Blood again. I’m excited to finally get started on that new workout program tomorrow, and I’m feeling motivated again.
There are few aspects I’ll be working on this week to help me feel that Tiger Blood soon: less snacking on nuts and nut butter, less reliance on carbohydrates (e.g., Larabars) and more healthy fats with my meals.
I’ll report back next week to let you know if I go into full blown TIGER BLOOD mode.
For more information about experiencing Tiger Blood on the Whole30, check out this article and this one too.
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